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Modern by Dwell Magazine x Target

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I was pretty excited when I found out that Dwell Magazine was doing a collaboration with Target. I love Dwell’s pages of aspirational, modern homes. And of course. I have long loved Target for its low-cost, stylish decor. They made perfect sense together. Here’s what I saw in person.

Lounge Chair, $249.99

If I didn’t already have a chair, I’d think about this. It reminds me a bit of folded paper. I wonder how resistant to dirt the canvas-colored fabric will be, though. (Oh, but it also comes in dark gray! I would definitely go for the gray.) Note the rounded tables that contrast with the angles of the chair.

Stool (but could be a little side table too), $74.99; Bar Trolley, $149.99 (also comes in black)

I’m not sure what the blue part of this tray is for. Photos on the website show that you can turn it vertically and tuck a notebook in. But whyyyy? Also comes in a larger and smaller size.

Medium Tray, $29.99

I also fell in love with the bar ware. So simple and chic! Do I need bar ware? I want to say yes. I liked the understated look of this shaker, but a review on the Target site says it doesn’t work well. That’s disappointing. It just needs to shake your drink. How hard can it be to design something that does that? If something doesn’t do its job, no matter how nice-looking, it’s a no go. The metallic glassware looks great. Each glass seemed to have a different design.

Cocktail Shaker, $29.99
Set of 4 Cocktail Glasses, $24.99

The only thing I didn’t love the look of was this glass ice bucket. Glass seems like weird material for an ice bucket since it’s heavy. I did appreciate how the tongs fit right into the lid, though.

Ice Bucket: $24.99


There were also pretty copper colored flatware, bamboo serving utensils, and these wooden animal objects that also served somewhat practical functions. Oh, and lamps and patio furniture, and a large clock, and big blue poufs. Take a look at the collection online.

I didn’t take anything home, because I’m trying to be very good about not buying things I don’t need or super love. That’s one reason I’m starting this blog, so I can window shop, in a way, by sharing objects I appreciate. They are welcome objects. Welcome, objects!Save

UPDATE 12/10/17 – I’m trying to be better about making ethical shopping choices, so I’m updating posts with info about where and how things were made. I don’t have info on where these items were made, but Target was named an ethical company in 2010 by Ethisphere Institute, for what that’s worth.

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