Summer Looks from Uniqlo: Ankle Pants, Princesse Tam.Tam Swimwear and Other Failures

This is part 2 of my review of Uniqlo summer finds. Visit part 1 about the High Waist Belted Flare Midi Skirt here. As you can tell from the title, this is mostly about things that failed on me. But hey, maybe they’ll work for you. First, I saw this classic outfit on this mannequin and admired the pants, both because it’s a lightweight summer pants (and I lack such an item in my wardrobe) and also because of the tomato orange red color.

It’s called the Smart Style Ankle Pants, and they were nearly sold out of the red, so I tried on the same pants in another color. (Kind of an odd name, what does “smart style” mean?) The pants are slip-on with an elastic waist. As you can see they were not ankle length on me since I’m petite. They were also just kind of meh on me — a bit bunchy in the front. You can also see the outline of the back pocket, at least in this light color. I find this to be a problem with a lot of Uniqlo pants, including the Drape Jogger Pants (which I only recommend in dark colors for this very reason). If these fit you, they seem like a good buy at $40 each. Unfortunately, the red doesn’t seem to be offered online, but they are available in 5 other colors.


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Summer Looks from Uniqlo: High Waist Belted Flare Midi Skirt

It’s been a while since I’ve posted — my excuse is that I’ve been away on the east coast. But I’m back, and I have many review posts in store. I went to Uniqlo more than once in the past week or so. (OK, maybe three times, but in my defense, it’s located right by this glasses shop where I had to get my glasses adjusted.) I tried on a lot of stuff, but I’m going to start with one item I’m excited about: the High Waist Belted Flare Midi Skirt. I actually looked for this skirt before I left on my trip because Ten Key Pieces raved about it. I’m usually a pencil skirt kind of gal, but I wanted something loose yet still elegant to wear in the heat. They were all sold out, though. On my return back, they had restocked. Hooray!

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Uniqlo 2017 drape collection jogger pants outfit

The Drape Collection at Uniqlo

Sometimes marketing works. I was looking at Uniqlo’s website and saw the new Match and Mix Drape Collection.



Suddenly, I really wanted the outfit in the middle. Never mind that I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. There was a time I only wore dark colors, and before that, a time I only wore three colors — and one of those colors has always, always been black.

I love black for probably many of the same reasons other people do. It hides imperfections (both of the body and of the I-spilled-coffee kinds). It makes you look instantly pulled together somehow. It’s simple and sophisticated.

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