IKEA satsumas plant stand, which has 3 platforms for plants. All 3 platforms has a plant in a white planter.
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Minimalist Style with Planters From IKEA

I love plants in the home, but don’t have a terribly green thumb. I don’t want to spend too much money on planters and plant supplies given my less-than-stellar record of keeping them alive. IKEA, in my experience, is a a great place to find stylish planters at lower costs. This works for me because I’m looking for simple and minimalist. The IKEA aesthetic delivers on those requirements. If you’re going for something more eclectic and colorful, then it’s not for you.

First, I decided that all the planters should be white. Why? To emphasize the unique greenery of each plant. Luckily IKEA has a white planter in various sizes named Kardemumma. I can’t find it on the website anymore, but I’ve seen in stores. I like that though they’re all white, there are variations in the design.


The medium size fits a 6″ diameter liner pot and is what I used in the first photo. They’re $3.99 each. A larger version (pictured below) can fit a 9″ diameter pot and is only $7.99. At these prices, I could get multiple plants. By the way, snake plants like the one below are very easy to take care of. They even don’t mind a bit of neglect. Plus, they clean the air.


Next, I looked for a stand to display the planters on. IKEA has a charming collection called Satsumas made of bamboo and metal.

Satsumas Triple Plant Stand, $29.99
Satsumas Plant Stand, $44.99
Satsumas Ladder Plant Stand With Pots, $39.99

You know how you walk into a store and buy something you didn’t know you had to have? That’s what happened with the triple Satsumas. Here it is in my home:


I also wanted a small planter in my kitchen and looked at these:

Bittergurka Plant Pot, $9.99
Soticitron Self-Watering Plant Pot, $11.99 (There’s a smaller square version too)
Socker Plant Pot With Holder, $24.99 (Also comes in black)

The three items above are even on sale right now with an IKEA family card, which is free.

I took this one home:


The metal box sits on the bamboo legs, which are not attached (though you could glue them if you wanted to).

Here are some other goodies that didn’t make it home with me, but seemed worth a look. This watering can also comes in light pink and gray. I like the slim, chic look but wonder how practical it is. Metal seems heavy for toting water. A friend of mine has one and left some water sitting in hers. Unfortunately the inside developed rust spots. Is hers just a fluke or is it a more widespread problem?

ikea planter review bittergurka metal watering can
Bittergurka Watering Can, $9.99

This  plant stand holds 13 plants and also comes in black. Very cool if you need a room divider. It can also be used outdoors.

Socker Plant Stand, $39.99.

This one is nice for a corner and comes in black as well.

Socker Plant Stand, $34.99


IKEA PS Plant Stand, $19.99

Of course, IKEA does also have some planters in colors, though they don’t have the most variety. But don’t count them out if you want to add greenery to your home. They might surprise you — and the price is right.

12/10/17 – I’m trying to be better about making ethical shopping choices, so I’m updating my posts with info about where and how things were made. The planter pots were made in Vietnam and the metal items (the Bittergurka box and Satsumas plant stand) were made in China. IKEA was named an ethical company in 2010 by Ethisphere Institute.







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