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Mid-Century Bar Carts (and a Whiskey Shield)

This post contains a few affiliate links to Target.

When I moved into a bigger apartment, one of the things I really, really wanted was a bar cart. The idea of wheeling something around to entertain guests — and offer them my partner’s whiskey collection — appealed to me, even if I wasn’t going to wheel it very far. Shape-wise, I wanted something rectangular ( as opposed to round) to fit into a specific spot I had in mind. It needed to have rails to keep things from falling off. Style-wise, I was going for a mid-century modern look, or at least something that would fit in with that feel. I looked primarily at West Elm, CB2, and Target. Of course, there are other retailers online, but when possible, I wanted to see these carts in person. I looked at some vintage carts as well, but they were often too big and out of my price range.

CB2’s bar cart offerings were not in the style I was seeking. They were also huge.

Dolce Vita Bar Cart, $299 (also comes in black)
Cavalier Bar Cart, $599

West Elm actually has a cart called the Mid-Century Bar Cart. It’s pretty handsome with a clean design. It’s made out of sustainably-sourced wood and antique brass-finished rails and casters. It has only two wheels, though, and I wanted something with four.

Mid-Century Bar Cart, $299

Overstock actually has something with a similar size and look for $100 less. I’m guessing the wood isn’t sustainably sourced. The lines on this one also seem a tad chunkier.

I Love Living Wood Bar Cart, $199

This Target cart is a good alternative for only $130. But the lines on this one also seemed a bit chunky to me. (I don’t think it’s bad-looking or anything. Just not for me.)

Threshold Wood & Gold Bar Cart, $129.99 (no longer sold last I checked on 9/2017)

West Elm, also had this art deco-inspired number. I love the gold color of this cart. But it was too glam a vibe for me with its glass shelf and mirrored bottom shelf. (Also, a practical issue: it’s so easy to see dust on glass and mirrored surfaces. That would drive me crazy.)

Terrace Bar Cart, $399

Target also has its own glamorous bar cart version. This cart is rose gold with glass shelves and a curved handle. I came across very few rose gold colored carts, so if you love rose gold, you might want to consider this.


Threshold Metal, Glass, & Leather Bart Cart in Rose Gold, $129.99

There’s also a version in a more yellow gold and wood shelves, which is more my personal style.

Threshold Metal, Wood & Leather Gold Bar Cart, $129.99

In the end, the winner for me was Target with this simple brass and wood cart. I like the muted gold color and the thin, clean lines. At $130, the price was also right for my budget. If I didn’t know this was from Target, I’d think it was more expensive than it was. In fact, on Instagram I even saw a mid-century modern furniture store in Los Angeles trying to pass this off as a vintage and asking more than retail for it.

Threshold Mango Wood & Brass Bar Cart, $129.99

Happy to be done with my search, I displayed the cart in my living room with its whiskey (and other spirits) wares. But then my partner told me that it was actually a bad place to store whiskey because it’s a no-no to expose whiskey to the sun. Doh! Why didn’t he mention this earlier? Maybe I would have looked for a cabinet instead. (But I wouldn’t have been happy, because you can’t wheel cabinets around.)

What to do? I solved our problem with some cardboard, tape, and pretty wrapping paper from Target. Now I get the cart I want, and he gets his whiskey kept out of direct sunlight. Behold: my DIY whiskey shield!











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