Oh Joy! Housewares at Target

Oh Joy! has had a housewares line at Target for a few years now. They’re always brightly colored and playful, in keeping with Joy Cho’s happy aesthetic. I don’t think I could do a whole house or room with Oh Joy (it’s a bit too much for me), but I do admire some of the pieces.


End cap with Oh Joy’s spring 2017 housewares line (and some other random items that aren’t part of the line.)

My favorite part of this collection is the cloud pattern, which is used on this pillow and vase.

If I didn’t already have throw pillows (from Target, of course), I might go for this. The raised embroidery is a not-shiny gold colored, and the back of the pillow is pale blue. It’s nice and fat. I think it’s a good buy.

I’m digging the half circle shape of this vase, which would look especially good against a wall. I don’t usually go for iridescent, but I think it works well on this vase.

There were also some items with a rainbow color scheme, such as the stripey pillow in the end cap photo and these dove-shaped bud vases.


Oh joy! Dove Vase, Large $14.99, Small, $12.99

This set of ceramic bowls brings it all together. I love sets of bowls or glasses that are not perfectly matchy matchy and contain different patterns. When they say mini in the description though, they really mean it. They’re pretty tiny. I’m not really sure what they’d be useful for. Perhaps you could use them for a bite or two of ice cream as a means of portion control.

This lamp is very cute. Unfortunately, reviews say it’s not well made and that the coral color chips easily.

Lastly, this circle accent table. The blue circle swivels out. How handy! It has a nice weight to it and seems well made.

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