Fake Plants at CB2 & Target

I devoted a post a while back to planters from IKEA for your indoor greenery. But what if you don’t want to take care of plants, have a horrible track record with them, or are trying to spruce up a space that doesn’t get enough light? Luckily, there are very realistic looking fake plant options. I’ve seen nice selections at both CB2 and Target (though I wonder if they’re all churned out of the same factory in China.)

Get ready for a lots of pictures! Let’s start with CB2 first, which has a section on its website called Botanicals full of faux plants.

cb2 faux fake aloe plant arrangement

Potted Aloe, $19.95

And here’s some faux plants I found at Target:

target faux fake plant arrangement

Banana Leaf in white pot, $24.99 (I think the large one is $24.99; I only saw 1 size online)

target faux fake succulent plant arrangement

Standing Planter, Medium, $19.99

This last faux succulent comes in a few sizes (small, medium, large), though I only see the medium online right now. I wish they made this in a planter version without the fake plant. I love the little stand. Very mid century modern-esque.

If you search on the Target site for “fake plant,” you’ll get results for 1,247 items (last I checked.) They carry a larger selection of brands online than in store. If you want the Target branded ones, search for “Threshold fake plant” and you’ll get a more manageable 71 items. (Threshold is one of their own brands.) Artificial plants start at $7.99 and go all the way up to $60 for a large floor snake plant in a mid century modern stand. Most of them are $20 and under.

In both stores, the quality seemed good and the fake plants actually looked realistic. The price point at Target seems a little lower than CB2, which is to be expected, but they’re around the same ballpark.

OK, I know this post is about artificial plants, but I just want to share a few cute planters for real plants too that I saw at CB2. I focused mostly on the small planters, but they also carry larger sizes. This is one area where Target is lacking.

You know I love a white planter! I think this is great price for all 3. They’ve got a matte unfired texture. I already mentioned in a prior post how I love things that are a set but have a different patterns, and I like what they’ve done here with the chevron, diamond, and lines. I think I’m going to go back and get these.

Bling, bling! Lots of shiny gold pieces at CB2. With the right plant the pineapple vase might actually look like a pineapple. I find this really satisfying.

cb2 marblelized ceramic planters

Palazzo Marbleized Planters, $24.99 and $12.99

Oooh, these are so fancy looking. Even though they look like marble, they’re actually made out of a thin ceramic. Well done, CB2. Well done.

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