Target who what wear dresses. Two models wear two different dresses.

Summer Dresses from Who What Wear

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While I was shopping Victoria Beckham for Target (reviews here and here), I noticed that Who What Wear had put out a lot of summery dresses, so I tried some of those on as well. Here’s a dressing room review showing you what these dresses look like on a real (and petite) person.

First up: this shift dress seems comfortable, while the ties on the sleeve add a cute detail. It seems both modern and girly at once. It’s made out of 100% cotton. Yay!

Tie Sleeve Shift Dress (also comes in chambray), $34.99

Unfortunately, it was pretty shapeless on me. Look how much shorter it is on the model than on me. (She’s 5’9″ and I’m 5′ 3″). And yes, I was too lazy to properly button the back.


Here’s another shift dress, in shirt dress style, but with a dramatic ruffle yoke and shoulders. It’s also made out of cotton, so it’s breathable. The ruffles are loud but the solid black and white color options are so reasonable.

Pioneer Shift Dress (also comes in white), $24.99

Alas, it completely overwhelmed me. The ruffle sleeves on her look cute. On me, it looks like I belong in a weird cult.


Next up: The gingham pattern of this dress is sweet and wholesome while the off-the-shoulder looks says, hello, I’m sexy!

Belted Bardot Dress (comes in black plaid and blue striped), $34.99; Plus Size, $36.99

On me, it says milk maid? Well, at least it was also 100% cotton.


Ah, more gingham going on.

Finally, something that looks decent on me! I wasn’t sure what the deal was with the waist tie. Not really into that, but I liked the cut outs on the sides just above the hips — a flirty flash of flesh, but overall, not giving much away.

Cut Out Dress – $34.99

And here is the floral version. Both are made out of a cotton and polyester blend.


So, I cannot recommend most of these dresses for petites. Tall ladies, have at it. If you’ve tried any of this collection on, share how it worked out for you.

UPDATE 12/10/17 – I’m trying to be better about making ethical shopping choices, so I’m updating posts with info about where and how things were made. Some of these clothes are made out of polyester, which is petroleum-based, not biodegradable, and pollutes our oceans. Natural fibers, like cotton, are better for the environment. I didn’t check the tags on these items to see where they were made, but in general, Target makes its clothes in China. It was named an ethical company in 2010 by Ethisphere Institute.

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