Me, a petite woman, wearing a coat with faux fur collar.

Club Monaco Evangah Coat Review

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Today’s post is a review about a coat, but also about conflicted feelings. One place that I’ve enjoyed shopping is Club Monaco. I like their minimalist aesthetic (though they definitely get into frilly, feminine moods too.) Club Monaco feels a bit less fast fashion and trendy than other brands — at least that’s my perception of them — and I like that. I don’t care about trends. I’ve noticed that they keep certain styles around year after year, which I appreciate. (Though when they change something that I like, I’m disappointed.) Today, I’m reviewing a coat that’s in stores now (and on sale!), but which I bought a year ago.

Before I get started though, a word about trying to be a more ethical-minded shopper. I’m trying to make better choices as a consumer, from beauty products that don’t test on animals, to cleaning supplies that are kinder to the environment, to clothes that don’t exploit labor. But it takes research and sometimes it feels overwhelming because you’re one person asking questions of big industries. I figure asking questions is the first step, though. So beginning today, in my reviews I’ll include information about where something was made and what’s known about the ethics of the brand. I’ve also gone back to some old posts and added that information.

Club Monaco’s parent company, Ralph Lauren, doesn’t make its labor and environmental practices known, according to Project Just, which collects that sort of data. All I know about this coat is that the tag says it was made in Vietnam. Running some basic info through this quiz, “How Fair is Your Fashion,” the coat didn’t score well. It received a D for conventional wool and “not good enough” for Ralph Lauren. Without knowing specifics about the factory where it was made, the quiz noted that Vietnamese garment workers tend to make minimum wage or less.
Screenshot of a "how ethical are your clothes" quiz showing that wool scores a D and wages are below minimum wage in Vietnam.So, it’s complicated, particularly when you’re on a budget. Ethically-made items tend to cost more, though there are brands like Everlane and Grana that offer more moderate price points. I love fashion, but I’m trying to own less and invest in higher-quality items that didn’t harm anyone in the process. Anyhow, I don’t have an answer. I just wanted to share since I’ve been thinking more about this lately.

On to the review…

Models wearing the Evangah Coat from Club Monaco. Model on left is an East Asian woman wearing the pink-ish version. Model on the right is white woman wearing a gray version. The coat is wool and has a faux fur collar.

The Evangah Coat comes in the two colors shown above: light oatmeal and heathered gray. It retails for $429, but is on sale now for $299. (Pssst… Club Monaco runs promotions now and then where they throw another discount on top of their sales, so you could snag it for even less, though you run the risk of your size being sold out.)

Here I am wearing the light oatmeal, which looks pink on the model, but is definitely less pink in person. I’ve worn it for a season (though not with a lot of regularity). So far it’s worn well and there’s been no pilling. In my experience, Club Monaco is a cut above other stores in the mall (ahem, J. Crew) in terms of quality.

Club Monaco Evangah Coat // Uniqlo Jeans [similar or check out Everlane’s ethical jeans ] // Taupe Textured Heels from Taiwan [similar] // Marc Jacobs for Target & Neiman Marcus Metallic Leather Clutch [similar]
I love faux fur and the one on this collar is quite soft. You can also fold the collar up so that your neck is surrounded by warm and fluffy faux fur.

Me, a petite Asian woman, wearing the Evangah coat with the collar turned all the way up.

The material (80% wool and 20% nylon) is warm and of medium softness — not super soft, but not rough either. I wish it were 100% wool, as nylon is a synthetic fiber and doesn’t biodegrade, but at least it’s mostly wool. The lining is satiny soft. I love that it has both snaps and a zipper, so that you can use one or the other or both. They’re gold too, which adds a luxe feel.

Me, a petite Asian woman, wearing the evangah coat open.

I’m petite (5′ 3″) so the sleeves are a little long on me and I should take it the tailor and get that taken care of it. Overall, it hits me right around the knee, which is a good length. It fits true to size. I’m a dress size 4 and am wearing the small. It’s a good fit and not too tight. I can wear a sweater with this coat.

I absolutely love this coat. It’s simple but also fancy with the faux fur and gold details. It seems well made and I can see myself wearing it for a long time.

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  1. I absolutely love the content that you write and how you write it. Had no idea there was an “ethical calculator”, so to speak, which is such a cool tool. Thank you for including this as part of your review. This style of coat is stunning and I like the fur collar a lot more than the J.Crew version.

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