Waffle knit sweater in crew neck.

Fitting Room Review: Everlane Waffle Knit Cashmere Square Crew

Everlane came out with a new cashmere sweater this season (at least I think it’s new) and I love the idea of it. Hello Waffle Knit Cashmere Square Crew! It retails for $155 and comes in ivory, black, navy, and the light gray color shown above (which seems to be sold out at the moment).

I love waffle knit; it’s such a great texture. Welp, I had to go try it on. Here’s my fitting room selfie.

Yes, I’m wearing a black bra and if you get this sweater in ivory, you shouldn’t do that.

Check out the sleeve detail. Both the ends of the sleeves and the bottom part of the sweater have a ribbed texture.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of how much ribbed texture there is at the bottom of the sweater’s body. I wish that the waffle knit continued further down. But I do like the side splits and how the back is longer than the front. Here’s how it looks on a tall model. (She’s 5′ 10″ and wearing a small.)

And here’s how it looks on me. Since this sweater is square and boxy, I knew it would be oversized, but I wasn’t prepared for how big it was, at least on petite me (I’m 5′ 3″). I’m a dress size 4 and wear a small in Everlane’s Cotton V T-shirt so I sized down to an XS in this, but it still felt too big. So then I tried XXS.

Everlane waffle knit square sweater as shown from the front in XS and XXS.
Trying the XS (left) and XXS (right).

From a view of the side, you can see that the side split on the XXS is too high — I’m wearing high-waisted jeans here. I don’t want to be showing any of my mid section, not even a tiny bit, especially when it’s cold. So, it doesn’t seem like the XXS is the right fit.

Everlane waffle knit square sweater, as shown from the side in XS and XXS.

I know this is supposed to be an oversized fit  — it looks a little big on the model too — but the XS is just too baggy for my liking. The proportions seem wrong to me. I also wish that the crew neck were a little looser or bigger.

Everlane waffle knit square sweater as worn on me, a petite Asian woman. One arm is held out to show how roomy the sweater is.
Wearing the XS.

While this sweater gave me happy cozy vibes, I didn’t love the way it looked on me, so I passed. It might look cuter on someone taller. This sweater has a nice medium-almost-heavy weight. The quality of the cashmere seems good, as I detailed in my review about Everlane’s Cashmere Crop V-Neck. (I also went a bit into what constitutes high-quality cashmere.) It’s ethically made in Dongguan, China. It’s soft as well; I think a bit softer than the Cashmere Crop. However, if you have really sensitive skin (like yours truly) it might feel too scratchy to you. If this piece works for you, I can see it being an item you reach for again and again in the winter months.

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