Daiso giraffe bookend holding up books. The book at the end is Neon Vernacular by Yusef Komunyakaa
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Daiso Stationery, Bookends, & Other Cute Office Stuff

One of my happy places is Daiso. If you don’t have a Daiso near you, I’m sorry. Daiso is a chain of Japanese dollar stores where almost everything is $1.50. They’ve got kitchenware, office supplies, home decor, gardening goodies, pet supplies, cleaning sundries, and a whole glorious room called household plastics where you can find various plastic boxes to organize stuff your heart’s content.

Today, I’m going to give you a tour of some of their office supplies and stationery. I’m cut off from buying any more stationery until I use what I have. Daiso stationery tends toward the cute. I’m a grown ass adult, but damn it if stationery with illustrations of animals doesn’t make me smile. Look at these ridiculous notebooks.


You want letter sets featuring animals? They got you.



Those letter sets even have matching decoration tape.


What’s decoration tape you ask? It’s like correction tape, but instead of creating a line of white, it creates a line of adorable animals. Could. Not. Resist.


How about some envelopes with pretty patterns?


How about some tiny pretty envelopes. What do you do with these?! I don’t care!



They’ve got a great selection of notebooks of varying sizes. Exercising restraint, I’ll just show you one.


Erasers that look like food or vehicles? Sure!


Ooops. I don’t need any more erasers, but Daiso just took my money. Look at these cute teeth erasers for your pencils. The ones with cavities are sad. I think that’s what really did it for me.


I love that they carry washi tape. That’s something I never want to pay a lot for and here the price is right.


They got fabric tape too.


Why use boring stickies to mark stuff when you can use these?


OK, this is a boring photo but useful and exciting for those of you who love to organize. Look at all these zipper bags of various sizes!


Daiso came in especially handy when I was looking for bookends. I bought a few Hancock bookcases from CB2, which are open on all sides, so I needed bookends in a major way and no way was I paying $20+ per pair for decorative bookends. I also didn’t want to buy the boring ones from an office supply store. You know the ones; they’re metal and they have zero personality. Daiso to the rescue!




Now I have a menagerie on my shelves. Thanks, Daiso!





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