A shoe rack with three tiers, capable of holding about 9 pairs of shoes, with 6 pairs of shoes on it.
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The Best Shoe Rack for Your Money

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Well, I love to write about shoes on here, so we should talk about how to keep them organized. For many years, I used a simple white stacking shelf from Target as my shoe rack because at $13.99, the price was right. However, this shelf was not ideal. First, it requires some effort to assemble. The stacking mechanism isn’t great either; a slim wooden dowel in each corner of the shelf is supposed to connect it to the next one and it’s a flimsy connection at best. Because it’s made out of composite wood, it’s heavy. Moving several of these is a pain. Another annoyance: white plastic caps try to mask the screws on the sides but they’re always falling off.

I also didn’t love the way it looked. It’s not offensive looking, but I wanted to upgrade to something more attractive. But getting something like the shoe rack below from West Elm is laughable. Though it’s lovely (and pricey), it’s not practical at all — unless you own only three pairs of shoes. That definitely is not me.

West Elm Mid-Century Modern Shoe Rack, $199

So I went in search of a new shoe rack. My requirements:

  • easy to assemble
  • strong yet lightweight
  • stackable
  • sturdy
  • moderately priced
  • not ugly

After researching many options, here’s what I ended up with: 

This is the Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack and it met all my requirements. It’s made with an iron frame, which means it’s strong. I wouldn’t say it’s lightweight, but it’s not heavy. I can pick up the whole thing with nine pairs of shoes on it no problem. The shoe rack arrives flat and assembles easily. No tools required! Just unfold the frame, and then snap the shelves in place. (This means that it will also be easy to move because you can transport it flat).

The shelves are roomy — there’s 5 3/4″ between each shelf. I could fit 3″ heels on them. If you need more space (such as for boots), you can leave out a shelf like this:

It comes with connector pins if you want to stack them. You can also connect them horizontally. I stacked three of them and they’re not wobbly at all!

Is it the most attractive shoe rack in the world? No. But it’s handsome enough. It has a clean, neutral style, which means that it can fit in with a lot of decor. There’s also a mesh shelf version, but I think the slated shelves are more attractive.

Each 3-shelf unit is priced at $29.99. You can get it at Amazon, Target, and other retailers. I added a hook to the side to hang a shoe horn from. (Both are from Daiso, the Japanese dollar store. The hook attaches via an adjustable gripper and I have no idea what it’s called or where you can get one too, but you can also use a magnet hook.)

So far, I’m very pleased with this shoe rack. It’s well made, sturdy, and I love that it can be configured in different ways. That means it can adapt to different spaces. I’ve recommended this shoe rack to friends, and now I recommend it to you!

This post is not sponsored. I bought these shoe racks myself and feel that it was money well spent.




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