Everlane day heel, as seen from above. It has a rounded toe and elastic back.

Is the Everlane Day Heel As Comfy As Everyone Says?

When Everlane released its Day Heel back in April, it was so popular that it sold out in a day, generating a large wait list for it. People rave about it, and as I am always searching for a comfortable, chic shoe, I tried them on recently. The shoe comes in regular leather, suede, and velvet. They’re all quite soft, much softer than the leather on any other Everlane shoes I’ve ever seen. Inspired by the ballet flat, it has a rounded toe, an elasticized back, and a walkable two-inch block heel. It retails for $145 for the regular leather and suede and $155 for the velvet. (Pssst! Right now for five days the navy velvet and the silver velvet are on sale for as low as $109 as part of their Choose What You Pay clearance.)

It’s made ethically in Italy and it’s crafted out of leather both inside and out. Among the dozen colors that it comes in, this orange is my favorite (Everlane calls it a red). What a great pop of color for an outfit!

I haven’t had success with Everlane shoes. Most styles run too narrow for my slightly wide feet, and even when they’re wide enough (as was the case with the Editor Heel), they’re uncomfortable to me.

Much to my surprise, the Day Heels were true to size for me. I tried my usual size and a half size up. With the half size up, they felt a bit long, like my foot wasn’t matching the footbed in the right place. My regular size felt just right.

Everlane day heel in black, as seen worn, from above looking down at the shoes.

Even more surprising, they were comfortable! I’m a person who has difficulty with shoes, probably more so than the average person, and even for me, they felt walkable right out of the box. (Sometimes you put a shoe on and right away it’s ouch!) However, I only tried them on for a little bit. I’ve read that the elastic can rub the back of your heel, and that some people have experienced blisters in the toes, so even though they are made out of soft Italian leather, it appears there’s still a break-in time required, at least for some.

In the end, I decided not to get them. Why? I’m not in love with the look. I’m trying to be pickier about clothing (and stuff in general) in an effort to consume less and use the things I do own more. When I asked myself if I loved these, my heart did not go aflutter. I guess I’m not much of a ballet shoe fan to begin with. The top of the shoe covered more of my foot than I would have liked. Perhaps if I were cut lower I’d like the look more. I also don’t love the tab on the back. I can understand their appeal, though — ballet flats, but with heels! If I still worked in an office, I’d consider them as they seem like they’d be a good staple piece.

If you’re a fan of the ballet shoe look, though, I think you should give them a try.

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