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On my last Target run, I couldn’t help but notice that the floor in the women’s department was full of coats and jackets, so I tried a bunch of them for fun (and for you, my dear reader). Outerwear is one of my favorite items of clothing to shop for. Partly it’s because I love the way a coat can completely transform you. But also, it’s because I find jackets and coats easier to shop for than say, a pair of pants. (Pants shopping can be so frustrating when it comes to fit.) Here’s what I found. All of these items are from A New Day, Target’s new women’s brand.

The Good

A New Day Leopard Faux Fur Coat — $39.99

If you ever want to lure me into a trap, put out some tacos and a faux fur coat. Pretty much if I see faux fur, I’m going to try it on. This faux fur leopard print coat was my absolute favorite thing that I saw among all the coats on the floor. The faux fur is plush and soft. Does it have the softest faux fur ever? No. Similar coats at higher price points from other retailers have a fluffier, softer faux fur. But for only $40, I’m not complaining! It seems decently made, too. I’m wearing my usual size, a small, and it looks a bit big on me. I’d size down in this one. Of course the sleeves are long on me, but that’s because I’m petite (5′ 3″), so sleeves are almost always long on me unless the item is in petite sizing.

A New Day Leopard Print Coat – $59.99, Plus Size, $69.99

If you love animal print, but you don’t want to be too loud, this more subdued gray color might be for you. It has a brushed exterior — not quite as wonderfully soft as faux fur, but still nicely textured and soft. (The fabric is polyester.) The large snap buttons are visible when you leave it open, which is not ideal. I wish they made the snaps brown so they’d blend in more.

A New Day Leopard Print Coat – $59.99, Plus Size $69.99

This coat has an oversized fit. I’m wearing a medium here, so of course it’s huge, but I think a small would have been too big as well. I’d go down a size in this one, maybe even two.

A New Day Wool Military Coat – $69.99, Plus Size $69.99

This wool blend military style coat has a removable faux fur collar and detailed buttons. The fabric is about half polyester, half wool and has a nice hefty weight. On the website it looks kind of brown, but it’s definitely an olive green in person.

A New Day Wool Military Coat – $69.99, Plus Size $69.99

The fit was true to size. It seemed decently made. I don’t know if it will pill over time, but compared to other wool coats on the floor, it seemed to be of higher quality.

The OK

A New Day Smoky Pink Faux Fur Coat – $39.99, Plus Size $39.99

This pink faux fur number isn’t really my thing. The cut is too boxy and oversized for my liking. I think it makes me look wider. However, if you’re looking for something like this, it did seem well made and maybe it’d flatter others more. Like the leopard print faux fur coat, it was plush and also only $40. Oh, and look at that: the sleeve actually seems to be the right length on me (though they’re much shorter on the model, so they’re probably supposed to be three-quarter sleeves). It has hook closures, which are a little hard to use if you want to wear it closed. I do think the color is different and interesting.

A New Day Dot Boyfriend Blazer – $34.99, Plus Size $34.99

I wasn’t crazy about this blazer as the dots are shiny and a tad cheap looking, but I think you can overcome that by how you style it. The structure of the jacket itself seemed alright. For me, this blazer seems too long, but I can see this working well on someone who isn’t petite.

A New Day Puffer Jacket with Faux Fur Hood – $59.99, Plus Size $59.99

Style wise, these puffer coats are so cozy! However they only have polyester fill, so they’re not going to be that warm. If you’re OK with that, go for it, but personally, I’d rather spend my money on something that had down fill for warmth. It comes in five colors (black, green, blue, gray, and red).

The Meh

A New Day Wool Toggle Coat – $79.99, Plus Size $79.99

Although the fit of this wool toggle coat was good and true to size, I can’t recommend it. The material (63% wool) was wrinkled, cheap-looking, and worse of it, it felt itchy — even over the sweater I’m wearing!

This didn’t look promising on the rack, but I tried it on anyway. Meh. It’s pretty cheap looking and feeling. Cut is boxy and wide too.

A New Day Jacquard Bomber Jacket – $29.99

Here are a few more items I saw but didn’t try on and don’t recommend based on quality.

A New Day Moto Jacket – $34.99

The faux sherpa fur adds a luxe touch to this moto style jacket. I think it’s cute. But the fake leather was on the stiffer side and cheap feeling.

A New Day Shawl Collar Wrap Coat – $69.99

These wrap coats were made out of a fabric that’s 62% wool, but they didn’t look nice in person to me. The material was a bit stiff. Overall, it gets good reviews online, but I was not impressed. Also, if you’re petite like me, I think it’s too much material and could overwhelm your frame.

A New Day Wool Overcoat – $59.99

It’s a shame how wrinkly this fabric looks. This overcoat is advertised as a wool coat, but it’s only 15% wool.

A New Day Wool Duffle Coat – $59.99

Ditto for this. This duffle coat was worst of all. Wrinkly, so wrinkly. It also seemed to attract lint like crazy.

Hope this has been helpful!

UPDATE 12/10/17 – I’m trying to be better about making ethical shopping choices, so I’m updating posts with info about how things were made. Some of these clothes are made out of polyester, which is not great for the environment because polyester is petroleum-based, not biodegradable, and its synthetic microfibers pollute our oceans. I didn’t check the tags on all of these coats to see where they were made, but Target’s clothing, in general, is made in China. Target was named an ethical company in 2010 by Ethisphere Institute.

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