Uniqlo retail display of four mannequins in the summer light

Summer Looks from Uniqlo: Ankle Pants, Princesse Tam.Tam Swimwear and Other Failures

This is part 2 of my review of Uniqlo summer finds. Visit part 1 about the High Waist Belted Flare Midi Skirt here. As you can tell from the title, this is mostly about things that failed on me. But hey, maybe they’ll work for you.

First, I saw this classic outfit on this mannequin and admired the pants, both because it’s a lightweight summer pants (and I lack such an item in my wardrobe) and also because of the tomato orange red color.

Smart Style Ankle Pants, $39.90

It’s called the Smart Style Ankle Pants, and they were nearly sold out of the red, so I tried on the same pants in another color. (Kind of an odd name, what does “smart style” mean?) The pants are slip-on with an elastic waist. As you can see from the photo they were not ankle length on me since I’m petite. Also, they looked kind of meh on me — a bit bunchy in the front. You can also see the outline of the back pocket, at least in this light color. I find this to be a problem with a lot of Uniqlo pants, including the Drape Jogger Pants (which I only recommend in dark colors for this very reason). If these fit you, they seem like a good buy at $40 each. Unfortunately, the red doesn’t seem to be offered online at the moment, but they are available in 5 other colors.


Next, I tried on this $20 short sleeve blouse in dark orange. (It also comes in white and black) and it was HUGE. I just don’t understand what it’s supposed to look like. This top doesn’t appear on the website, but you will know it if you see it in the store because it’s huge, 100% cotton, and has a little button and gathered pleats on the back. I supposed it might look good on someone who was able to size way down, but I can’t do that, because I’m already wearing the XS here.



Just for fun, I pulled this Uniqlo U cotton pullover shirt from the clearance bin, where it’s been marked down to $6. After trying it on, I know why it’s in the clearance bin. It looks like a hospital shirt.


Uniqlo has a swimwear line designed by Princesse Tam.Tam, a French brand. About a week after I took this photo, all of this went on sale in store and online.


I really like this palm print.

Princesse Tam.Tam Flip Flops, on clearance for $7.90 (originally $9.90)

I snagged the shorts in this palm print. It looked like an online return because there was just one. The fabric is lightweight and I use them as pajamas in hot weather. They seem to run small because I ended up with a M and usually wear a S in Uniqlo bottoms. These don’t seem to be online anymore (ditto for the empire waist coverup dress), but you might be able to find random ones in store like I did.

uniqlo princess tam tam shorts

No luck with the swimwear, though. The cuts don’t seem like they work for curves. I was hoping for some high-waisted bottoms and more supportive tops. The bikini tops only come in triangle or bandeau style.


I did score one more thing, though it’s not a summer item. It’s a Uniqlo U canvas tote bag, from the spring I think, and I just happened upon a bunch of them in store marked down to only $3.90. The shape is the same as my beloved BAGGUs but it is larger, has an inner pocket, and is made out of a sturdy canvas material. I’m a fan of the burnt orange color too. For $4, how could I pass it up?!


Part 3 of my review, about the drape crewneck tee, coming soon.


UPDATE 12/10/17 – I’m trying to be better about making ethical shopping choices, so I’m updating posts with info about where and how things were made. I don’t have info about these particular items, except for the shorts and bag I kept, which are both 100% cotton and made in China. Uniqlo has said it’s putting better processes in place after it was cited for abusive practices in 2016, so it does appear to be making an effort.

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