Who What Wear for Target Spring 2017 Collection yellow floral clutch

Who What Wear Spring 2017 Collection

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I’m a fan of mix and match collections and have had my eye on the Who What Wear Collection at Target since they launched January 2016. For spring 2017, they’ve put out some floral prints along with some trusty black and white. First up, some bags that feature the prints:

Green Floral Bag, $34.99
Trapezoid Top Handle Bag, $34.99

Black & White Clutch (or Yellow Floral Print), $24.99

There’s lots more on the website, including some more basic and classic bags (slouchy tote, anyone?). Interestingly, I couldn’t find the green floral bag on the website yet.

The prints also come in bomber jackets, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and tops. I tried on a few of the items and was particularly interested in the skirts and tops since you can pair them with solid pieces or wear them together.

Elbow Linen Tee, $17.99; Plus Size, $19.99 // Striped Midi Pleated Skirt, $29.99; Plus Size, $32.99

Though pleats isn’t my thing, I found the skirt quite cute. Honestly though, I thought the tee was a better buy. It’s a really versatile piece. Didn’t hug in the wrong places and I liked the elbow sleeves for something a little different. It came in a blush pink, white, and striped versions too.

Ruffle Trim Shell, $22.99; Plus Size, $24.99 // Pleat Back Pencil Skirt, $27.99; Plus Size, $32.99

Unfortunately, you can’t wear these two pieces together. You can see that the material of the ruffle trim top is different from the skirt. The top is quite sheer and paired with the skirt it looks faded. I did get a compliment from a stranger while wearing it, though. The top also comes in black with white dots, cream with black stripes, a blue floral, and a plain yellow. It would be cute with jeans.

For being a pencil skirt, the skirt isn’t that pencil shaped. I didn’t even know it was supposed to be a pencil skirt until I saw the description on the website. I do love the back pleat though. It’s a very charming detail.


Yellow’s not my color, but I think these pieces worked well together as far as the prints opacity matching. I could see this looking cute on someone, particularly someone taller than me. (I’m petite and feel that the skirt hits me in an unflattering place.)

Layered Tank, $22.99; Plus Size, $24.99 // Pleat Back Pencil Skirt, $27.99; Plus Size, $32.99

My favorite were these bomber jackets, though. They were light weight, a perfect spring cover up.  I think they were $39.99 (not sure.) Plus size is $44.99. If I didn’t already have something like this, I might have snagged one.




Overall, lots of fun things to play with. There are even shoes, which I completely missed. If they were in the store, I didn’t see them. There’s a lot of great looks in the collection, but not all of them seem to be out on the floor. I didn’t know about this blue and pink floral print until looking at the website:


Available as a button up (also in plus size) and ruffle trim top (plus size).

However, watch out for the quality. A lot of these items — like the sheer tops and the faux leather bags — don’t seem like they’d last long. I’m personally trying to do better about buying items that last. But it seems like there are some versatile pieces you could get lots of wear out of. Just be sure to inspect the seams and see if it seems decently made. Visit the Who What Wear brand shop on Target here.

UPDATE 12/10/17 – I’m trying to be better about making ethical shopping choices, so I’m updating posts with info about where and how things were made. Some of these clothes are made out of polyester which is petroleum-based, not biodegradable, and pollutes our oceans. I don’t know where these clothes were made since it’s now many months after I’ve written this post, but I’ve noticed that many Target clothes are made in China. Target was named an ethical company in 2010 by Ethisphere Institute.



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